How does war feel for wheel bearings?

Ever wanted to know how a wheel bearing looks like, when the wheel has been shot at with some quite large caliber? Well, here is a picture of a Volvo TGB11/13/20 (don’t know) wheel bearing that came from the Estonian army:

volvo wheel bearing portal axle

You can clearly see how the impact stamped each roller into the race. The corresponding hub looks like this:

And even the portal box behind suffered a big impact crater…

Unfortunately I never got to see the wheel 😉

Abenteuer & Allrad 2015

Dieses Jahr bei 33°C und Sonne keinerei Schlammschlacht 😉 Kleine Auswahl von Schnappschüssen…

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Following an invitation by the finish bus drivers we took a small detour from St. Petersburg to Helsinki and experienced 100% Finland in just 5 days 🙂 Now off to Estonia, where again some bus drivers should be waiting at the ferry port, then Riga and Warszaw… then finally Berlin!

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Auf Einladung der finnischen VW-Bus-Fahrer haben wir einen Abstecher über Helsinki gemacht, und die volle Packung Finnland in 5 Tagen erlebt 🙂 Jetzt geht es weiter nach Estland, wo schon ein paar Busfahrer im Hafen warten, dann nach Riga und nach Warschau… schließlich nach Berlin!

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Гостеприимство по-русски – Hospitality in Russian

Гостеприимство по-русски – Hospitality in Russian – that’s how unit 5 in my Russian school book is called and that’s exactly what we are experiencing now in St. Peterburg.

A VW vanagon driver from the Russian forum invited us to his home and together with a few other crazy vanagon drivers he organized a barbecue in Kronstadt. Shashlik, vanagons and no(!) vodka.

Viktor took 3 days off and shows us St. Peterburg, serves breakfast, lunch and dinner, we are sleeping in his guestroom and we were even able to wash our clothes – sooo nice! 🙂

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